Tommy Maloney

- About the Author

Tommy Maloney is the Co-founder of Blending The Family. In this leading media company, he services families going from divorce to remarrying, equipping families to become a loving and successfully-blended support systems. As a certified coach, he specializes in men's mental health and helping others reach their potential.

Tommy is the executive producer and host of the podcast Blending The Family, where you can find episodes on Apple Podcasts, Iheart Radio, Spotify, and Stitcher Radio. Tommy also has been a panelist on Bill Corbett's Cooperative Kids TV show and the stages of TEDx, Ignite Fort Collins, and Keynote Speaker at Everything Dad Convention. He was given several awards for his speaking with Toastmasters International.

Author of 25 Tips For Divorced Dads, and Why Not You, Why Not Me," his mission is to continue to shed light on the value of fathers. Additional publications include The Good Men Project, Modern Gladiator, and Nurture Magazine.

Tommy enjoys a good red blend while writing or hiding from the family. Together, he and his wife, Ann, reside in Colorado. He is the proud father of Betsy, Becca, and Connor.

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About The Book: My Dad's Advice

My Dad's Advice at 5:04 AM shares stories that Tommy has learned growing up in a single-parent home. Realizing a father's value once he reached fatherhood, he understood that every child needs the love and care of both parents, even when they may not reside in the same home.

Tommy stresses that fathers should leave a positive impression on their children despite any circumstance. He shares the value of co-parenting and the selfless efforts this kind of parenting takes. Through his personal experiences, Tommy reveals how dads play a vital role in children's lives across every demographic. His insight into responsibility, child-rearing and children's intrinsic needs is invaluable.

This book helps spotlight the greats dads who chose to be present in their kids' lives despite parental differences. This is a must-read for parents in divorce, blended family, and other co-parenting scenarios who want to navigate negative feelings and communicate effectively.

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